Fox Street Garden model 18" x 36" x 36"


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The model was created for the exhibition 'Urban Paradise', organized by The Public Art Fund of New York. Artists were given a choice of empty, city owned lots in all five boroughs and asked to transform them. The Fox Street lot, which already had a small community garden on it, was eventually claimed by the local police precinct and turned into a parking lot for their cars. My idea had been to design a community garden of all edible- or crop yielding plants, but to do it in an aesthetically pleasing way. The landscaping was to have served as a framework to encourage that kind of planting and to add surprise and wonder to the urban landscape. I have added this project to my site because it illustrates some of my thoughts about urban gardens, none of which have ever been realized. I like the idea of the garden as an artificial construct, a stage for nature to act her part and for humans to idealize her.


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